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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Instagram now Hyperlapses

Instagram just did something cool. They added the ability to hyperlapse video internally and post it. Hyperlapse is like timelapse, only done with video. The results are cool, and I predict this will likely get used to the point it is overdone. Thankfully, only people that practice good technique will likely generate ones that are compelling....

See more here.

Watch the video below.

Let's Shoot People With A Taser and Call It Art

Artists be crazy, yo'. For reals. But photographer Patrick Hall is not the crazy one. His subjects are. At least that is my humble opinion. You see, he came up with this idea to shoot models with tasers and then photograph the results. All in the name of art.

Watch the video below to get a sense of what he did.


Get ready to pop the champagne and release the balloons. Canonites and Nikonians everywhere will soon be heralding the release of new camera models in just a few weeks.

Nikonians are salivating over a new D750 model that is supposedly aimed at the action crowd, though it does not contain a cropped sensor. At least according to the rumors. Actions shooters tend to like cropped sensors for their extra reach with zoom lenses. But this seems aimed at including other shooters into the ranks. It is rumored to have a 24MP full frame sensor, 51 AF points, and shooting at a respectable 8 FPS.

Canonites are looking forward to a 7DII aimed at the same bunch of people, and including a cropped sensor. It is rumored to have a 20.2 MP sensor, 65AF points, and a whopping 10 FPS. It is also rumored to include "new sensor technology". That rumored tech was talked about being a layered sensor. That layered sensor would have assisted with AF in video. But now we are now being told it is something else and THAT has me excited. I have known now that Canon has been testing a newer sensor capable of gathering more light on the photosites. That translates to better high ISO performance. Hopefully this is the tech they are talking about.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BounceLite is a Clever Multi-Use Flash Modifier

With so many camera gadgets on Kickstarter, it is hard to keep up, and few are successful. I predict great things for this one, however.

It turns your flash into a multi-tool of sorts. Check out the full Kickstarter campaign here.

Nikon D810 Service Advisory - Bright Spots

Nikon has released a service advisory for the D810 for noise/bright spots when in 1.2 crop mode and during long exposures....

We have received a few reports from some users of the Nikon D810 digital SLR camera indicating that noise (bright spots) are sometimes noticeable in long exposures, and in some images captured at an Image area setting of 1.2× (30×20).
After looking into the matter, we have determined that some noise (bright spots) may on occasion be noticeable when shooting long exposures, and in images captured at an Image area setting of 1.2× (30×20).
Nikon service centers will service these cameras that have already been purchased as needed free of charge to the customer. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.
Identifying affected products
To check whether or not your camera is one of those affected by this issue, please click the Affected Product Serial Numbers link below and enter your D810’s serial number as instructed. Your camera’s serial number will be checked against those of affected products. If your camera is one of those affected, you will be forwarded to additional instructions. If your camera is not one of those affected, you may continue using your camera without concern for this issue.
Check your D810 serial number here on Nikon’s website to see if your's is one of the ones affected.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

John H. Moore's Arching Milky Way Over Crater Lake Stuns

Click on the above image to be stunned. It's amazing and cool. I found this image on StumbleUpon and was in love. Relatively new to night time photography, John recounts the story behind his awesome shot...

'I’ve wanted for several years now to get up to Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon to photograph the Milky Way over that gorgeous, reflective lake… and a week ago I finally had that chance! I got to spend two days up there, with two gorgeous, clear skies, dark skies nights out shooting half the night each. I would shoot until 2-3 AM, grab a couple hours sleep on an inflatable bed in the back of my rental minivan, and then be up again by 5:15 or so when the sky was significantly lightening towards sunrise.'

Read the rest here and see more of his great work.

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