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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Angry Dogs In Cute Costumes

Hello Denizen is a company that specializes in Youtube videos. They just create content to generate traffic. That's all. At least that is what it looks like, though they claim to be a marketing company. No matter, this great video showing dogs dressed up in costumes, and then shot in front of a plane white background is... Interesting...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blood Moon Perfection - Examples

A day before the last blood moon, I gave you a few tips for improving the composition of those shots. I explained how placing objects in the frame and zooming in on them from a distance, would help make the moon appear bigger in the shot, and add perspective and scale to them. Here are some great results by photographers that had their works featured in the news.

Aly Song/Reuters - Shot from a tennis court in Shanghai
Narendra Shrestha/EPA - Kathmandu skyline
Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo - Weathervane located on the Freedom Tower in Miami Florida

Layered Timelapse = AWESOME!

Sent to me by listener Charles Lowe, this time lapse is worthy of your attention. It was created by layering different shots of the same angles, recorded at different times of the day. We are talking over 100 hours to shoot, 6 terabytes worth of images, and 350 hours worth of editing time.

Photographer Julian Tryba's dedication to his project, is astounding. I mean we are talking nearly 9 40 hour work weeks just devoted to editing.

The results are well worth it, and I promise that you will be impressed.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Make Photoshop Brush Out Of Anything You Can Shoot Pictures Of.

Pretty freaking cool! Adobe will be releasing the coolest app ever. Use your smartphone to capture a picture of ANYTHING. The the app allows you to edit it further, and transform it quickly into a Photoshop brush. Finally, it syncs across the cloud to all of your devices and your computer, and BAM! You just got your own cool brush that you did not have to buy from anyone!

Pro Photoshop Actions
for an Amateur Price.

Those Crazy Rooftopping Russians are at it again...

You know that bandit team of Russians that break into secure areas of buildings and bridges, and then climb to the top like suicidal spider monkeys and shoot pickers with DSLRs and GoPro cameras? Well they are at again. This time, they are in Hong Kong. The break past a secure area, climb up to the roof where a ginormous video sign is sitting. Not only do they shimmy to the top and do their thing with cameras, but they hacked the sign to advertise their exploits.

I am not sure what will happen first. Getting thrown into jail forever, or someone finding a Russian splattered all over the sidewalk somewhere.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Adobe Shows Off Their Future

In this promo video, Adobe shows off what they think their future will look like in a world of touch screen computers, tablets, and smartphones. From what we see below, they are hard at work...

Shop at amazon by using the link below, and you will support this show.

Turkey - A Time Lapse - Sort of...

You are going to like this. Promise. It is a great combination of Timelapse and standard video, with a most excellent soundtrack (soft reference to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure).

It is a tour through the daily life of all things Turkey. Outstanding presentation...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3 Tips For Shooting The Blood Moon

Tomorrow we get a full moon opportunity that is called a "Blood Moon". It will typically be burnt orange in color. This phenomenon is created when the earth passes between the sun and the moon. The earth's shadow covers the moon, and this changes the surface from a bright white, to a burnt orange to sometimes red color.

Those in North America get one of these opportunities early Wednesday morning. So here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Long Lens - A long zoom lens works best. A long zoom lens on a cropped sensor camera works even better as you get more effective magnification.  A lot of bridge cameras feature zoom lenses that are advertised as 600mm equivalents, or even higher. These give you the greatest reach in order to fill the frame with the moon. After all, few of us can afford 800mm lenses. So don't be ashamed to scale back to a bridge camera for the extra reach.

But if you are full frame DSLR shooter, and cannot afford a 400mm zoom along with a 2X teleconverter in order to get 800mm to fill the frame, then you might actually want to scale back to a bridge camera (The nicer end of the point and shoot range) in order to do so. A 200mm F/2.8 is an awesome lens, but it simply does not have the reach needed on a full frame sensor camera to capture a full moon shot when high in the sky.

However, if you have a very high MP camera like a Nikon D800 or so, then you get so much extra cropping ability thanks to all of those megapixels that you should be able to crop it down to suit.

2. Perspective - The best way to compensate for a lack of a super zoom lens, is to catch the moon as it is rising or setting. Choose to capture both the moon and a far away object next to it. By being far away from that object on the horizon and zooming back in, you are effectively shrinking that object down and making the moon appear to be much larger. Some believe that it is atmospheric effects that make the moon appear to be larger on the horizon. The truth is it is an optical illusion thanks to perspective. Here is a great example I found doing a simple web search.

3. TPE - The Photographer's Ephemeris is a great website that has an in browser plugin to allows to you to see where and when the sun and moon will rise and set on any given day. See that video podcast here. This will allow you to plan the shot out in advance in just a few mouse clicks. AWESOME! And totally free, unless you opt to buy the smartphone app.

Shop at amazon by using the link below, and you will support this show.

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