Friday, March 6, 2015

Slow Night Exposure Of Guy In Winged Flight Suite Stuns

I have a great idea. Let's set up for a long exposure in the mountains, and have a guy in a wing suite glide down. We will do it at night, and make him pop a flare on the way down. Wait.... It's already been done.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Funny Images Captured By Google Maps

Google Maps captures pictures for their street view picture practically everywhere. It is a useful tool to help you find where you are going and seeing what the location looks like from the street versus the sky. But some of the images captured are rather.... timely? Below is a collection of some of the strangest.
Estonian Grandmother just does what needs to be doing no matter who is watching.
Not sure what is going on here, but I'll be danged if I am stopping to ask.
In case you are not sure, that is a child being delivered on the sidewalk in Los Angeles, CA. Kid is going to have a great story.
Umm.. Just where the heck is Momma??
I'm not sure, but even if you are a news reporter, I still think this might be illegal in Portland, Oregon.
I'm sorry, but is that A TIGER?!?! In freaking Montana??
Saint Petersburg, Russia. Yeah.... Not stopping here either. Of course this could also be someplace in Chicago.
You know that sign that said hitchhikers could be prisoners? Pretty sure they were serious.
Could not decide on how to caption this. You choose. 1: Look Mom. Someone threw away a perfectly good white boy! 2: Can-o-Cracka's
Faster! He's catching up!
Could be Roswell, New Mexico. Or it could be South Central LA.
Classic! Being preserved on Google Maps - Awesome!
He look, T' Roy! It be the Google Maps Car. Watch this! Crack kills, mother #$^&@*!
You know times are tight when the only thing a super hero can get for a secret lair is a park bench.
Try to hide all you want, but we totally caught you drunk peeing behind that car.
Dude! I, like totally found you the best contracting team ever to build your new deck! Seriously, they are pros!
Even in nice neighborhoods, crack still kills.
Give up the Lifesavers! Now!
You have got to be kidding me....
Acting like nothing happened does not make the problem go away. Trust me, sweety.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The funniest picture game you could ever play

Everyone here knows that you can go to Google and do a search just for images, right? Of course you do. Well I was challenged to do a Google search on my name and add "meme" to the end. So I did. It cracked me up and I dare you to do the same.

Since I technically have 2 names, I did it twice. Here are the first images that popped up.



So then I decided to try it with my last name...
That one I could not post because it was vulgar. Funny, but vulgar.

Sand Towers Sculpted By Wind

Photographer Joshua Nowicki was roaming around the beaches of St. Joseph, Michigan. He ventured across a unique photo opportunity courtesy of Mother Nature. Small sand towers rising from the beach, and carved by icy wind. They were only a few inches tall, and the resulting pictures made it look like an alien landscape.

After getting home and checking them out, he decided to return the next day for a second chance. Alas, they were all gone.

Yes you can afford Photoshop
Yes you can afford Lightroom
If you do it this way. $9.99 a month!

Light Painting Photo Sets Record

Chances are that if you are into photography, you have at least dabbled with light painting. Well here is one that has 200 light orbs gathered together into one shot. That took a little bit of planning and setup, as you might imagine. Exactly what it took, is outlined in this behind the scenes video. It shows how this record setting shot, captured 200 orbs in one image.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

10 things I hate about Nikon

A few days ago, my buddy over at Photography Bay had a story that listed the 10 things Canon shooters hate about Canon. It was pretty much spot on. Well he follows that up with 10 things that Nikon shooters hate about Nikon. Again, it's pretty much spot on.


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Monday, February 23, 2015

Train kills man posing for photography

A couple were on a road trip from Portland to Tacoma when they pulled over for a smoke break and to snap a few pictures. When a north bound train approached, the man stepped out net to the track to pose as it passed. They never spotted the southbound Amtrak train approaching from the opposite direction the neighboring track. The man was struck and killed.

How to get a press pass

I have been asked this a few times, so I thought I would consolidate all the information into one single instructional post.

The joys of obtaining a press pass are painted in the fantasy that a photographer can get into all kinds of concerts, sporting events, and any other kind of thing where a regular person would have to buy a ticket to see. That somehow flashing a pass, will also entitle you to back stage access and close proximity to stars and entertainers.

The reality is a little bit more disappointing. Mostly. Because many have had the ability of flashing a photographer's press pass to some unsuspecting noob at a red rope or side entrance and just be waved right on through. The worst that can happen is someone says no. Right? So here the truth and all you need to know to take your shot at unfettered access. And good luck!

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