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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Does Canon have a super high res model on the way?

A recent interview with DC Watch suggests that there may very well be. The interview was a discussion a few new lenses and what was considered when designing them. The following is a Google translation:

"but there is also a feeling if there is a high-performance lens that matches the number of pixels (pixel pitch), to want to take a look at the descriptive power of the true. By super-wide-angle zoom image quality is good came out to the periphery, and we look forward to the advent of high-resolution model of the EOS."

Craig Blair has told us that his contacts have said we will get three new cameras this year. One was a Rebel. Another will be the 7D replacement that is rumored to have a few surprises. Will the third be a super high res model to compete with Nikon?

We also know that Canon has for some time been revamping it's lens line up to match future high res cams on the way. No use in having a super high res camera if you don't have lenses that can resolve the full capability of the sensor.

I am getting excited.

12 Monkeys Reboot

I know, I know. This has not a dang thang to do with photography. Except I know many of my photog brothers and sisters are hard core geeks at heart. It seems to come as a packaged deal with creative types. At least the men types.

Well one of the great sci-fi movies of my generation has been 12 monkeys with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. And guess what, my friends. It is getting a reboot in the form of a series on the Syfy channel. Judging from the preview, it has good acting and a plot line. Great news. Because not everything that comes out of that channel has both. As proof I give you one word. Sharnado. Need I say more?

Triptych Capture of Queens With iPhone

Dan Troth walked around Queens filming with an iPhone in portrait orientation, and then displayed them three at a time. Any real photographer will cringe when they see people filming in portrait orientation on their phones. It's just... wrong. But in this case, three wrongs do make a right. HA! Pretty good, right? I'm a genius!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Coolest Remote Camera Trigger Ever

We have long endorsed this very affordable remote shutter release as it comes at a great price that anyone can buy, and offer features that are mind blowing. Well they have just updated the app for your smartphone where you control all of the options, and packed in even more features....

This may indeed be what the title suggests, and the price is hard to pass up considering everything that is packed into this little jewel.

A wired shutter release goes for about $5 on Amazon, a wireless goes for about $30. THIS little thing goes for $29 for the module that plugs into your camera, and free app that goes on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. That puts it right in the same ball park for all the features that can be found in units for $200 or more. Crazy, right?

The list of features and capabilities that this thing can do, all controlled through your smart device, is extensive. Here is just a few cool ones....
  • Multiple Timelapse functions: Use Triggertrap as a basic intervalometer for timelapse capture, or get extra creative: Bulb Ramping Timelapse enables seamless sunrise/sunset timelapses, HDR timelapse lets you combine the power of HDR and timelapses, and finally, TimeWarp, a feature unique to Triggertrap, uses algorithms developed for animation to create more dynamic and natural-looking timelapses.
  • Sensor Controls: Leverages the smart device’s on-board sensors to release the shutter; Sound Sensor Mode uses the microphone to trigger at a set audio level, Seismic Mode fires based on vibrations, bumps or knocks, and Metal & Magnetism Sensor Mode can be used to fire the shutter in their presence
  • Facial recognition: Takes a photo once Triggertrap detects the programmed number of faces in the frame
  • Multiple HDR Capture Modes: Provides expanded control over bracketed exposures for Long Exposure HDR, or automates Long Exposure HDR Timelapse capture
  • DistanceLapse: Unique to Triggertrap, this mode relies on the smart device’s on-board GPS chip to fire the shutter over pre-determined distances
  • Motion detection mode: Triggers camera whenever motion is detected in the frame
  • Star trail mode: Allows external cameras to automatically take a series of long exposures in sequence to reduce noise
  • Wireless mode: Unique to Triggertrap, this new Wi-Fi triggering technology enables photographers to leverage the range and speed of a Wi-fi network to control the dynamic features of the Triggertrap Mobile app wirelessly
All 17 features and modes include:
  • Timelapse Mode
  • TimeWarp™ Mode
  • Sound sensor Mode
  • Shock & Vibration sensor Mode
  • Metal & magnetism sensor Mode
  • Facial recognition Mode
  • LE HDR Mode
  • LE HDR Timelapse Mode
  • DistanceLapse™ Mode
  • Motion detection Mode
  • Cable Release Mode
  • Star trail Mode
  • Bulb Ramping Timelapse
  • Wi-Fi Slave Mode
  • Wi-Fi Master Mode (trigger other devices running Triggertrap Mobile
  • Sunset & Sunrise Calculator
  • Lag-o-Meter

The TriggerTrap supports over 300 cameras and they are always adding more s new ones come out.

iOS app click here.  Android App click here.

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They have just added a sweet - and super affordable - accessory that triggers up to 2 flashes independently from the camera.
Why on earth would you want to do that? Check out the Video example below. Then click here to purchase. Only $30.

Holiday gifts at up to 90% off!

Ghost Recon Time Lapse = Cool

OK this is super cool for a couple of different reasons. For one, I am a hard core gamer. I am on my Playstation almost every day, and I am equally - and sadly - skilled at rolling dice for text book style RPG's. So when I saw this time lapse from photographer "Rob" filmed with a tilt shift lens of some behind the scene game footage for Ghost Recon, I was stoked.

Secondly, the editing with music and sound effects that were added is spot on perfect.

Thirdly, these guys use two of the biggest scrims for photography that I have ever seen. They were supported with cranes, they were so large. If you don't know what a scrim is, it is a translucent material stretched between a metal frame used to diffuse and soften natural sunlight.

Make sure you watch it in HD.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Photographing the Most Beautiful Subway In The World

If you are ever in Stockholm, Sweden, and if you are a photographer, you would be silly if you did not venture into the subway system in the middle of the night to shoot what has to me the most interesting architecture in the world. And that is exactly what photographer Alexander Dragunov does. Of course he happens to live there, so it is a bit more practical for him. He has even compiled his work into a book available on Blurb.

His work is so captivating, that BBC did an interview of him and featured his work...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

GoPro Captures Scuffle Between Cops

Officer Marcel Jackson attached a GoPro camera to his dashboard to record traffic stops. Something that landed him in a bit of hot water because it is against department policy to use your own recording devices. It also caught a scuffle between he and Internal Affairs officer Lt. David Ramras.

Officer Jackson pulled over Ramras for speeding. He can be seen approaching the driver's door. Something is said, and the Lt. tries to get out of the car. A scuffle ensues where you can hear Lt. Ramras yelling, "You do know who the ---- I am!".

Apparently not.

Both mean have been relieved of their position. Officer Jackson was ordered to not only hand over the footage, but the camera as well. He did hand over the footage, but has since declined to comply with giving up the camera and all other footage he had captured from previous stops.

Grieving Father Gets Photoshopped Gifts From Strangers

This is Sophia Steffel from Ohio. She only lived 6 weeks because of a liver tumor. Nathan, the Father, decided to reach out to social media with a request. Did anyone have enough Photoshop skills to remove the tubes? In the six weeks she lived, he was never able to shoot a picture without the tubes.

Kind hearted people from all over, kicked into gear to submit versions for the grieving Father. But this one scores the top points with me. It was submitted by Reddit user funkybrewster. (Thanks for the tip, Paul)

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