Saturday, November 12, 2011

How To Take Sharp Pictures (My Top 10 Tips)

I get asked often by people on how to improve the sharpness of their images. And my response has usually been the following - Show me a few examples of the problem you are having and then we can figure it out together.

I really have to see what you are doing in order to deduce the problem. There are just so many variables. So what I thought I would do, is list several ways to ensure your images are sharp, and then simply refer new people to the show, to this post the next time I get asked. How's that for planning?

Now before I get started with my laundry list of do's and don'ts, let me throw in a soft plug. If you are asking these questions, you should strongly consider the Photography 101 course. It can really help you. And for the crazy low prize we charge for it, what do you have to lose? It's 3.5 hours of great stuff that you just have to watch. Short video clips that you watch at your own pace.

Now on to my list of how to get sharp images....


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