Monday, March 5, 2012

Nikon Screws Up On Release Of D800

Oh this is bad... Slash Gear is reporting that Nikon used footage in a Nikon Promo showing the video capability of the new D800 that was not from a D800 but from a 5D2.


Video production company, TSO Photography, posted on it's facebook page, "...A bit surprised to see Nikon using some of my video clips in the world launch of the Nikon D800 camera … without contacting me. Especially since Canon is one of my sponsors, and I use a 5DII..."

So apparently not only have they falsely advertised by using footage from a Canon 5D2, but they engaged in copyright infringement? Yes you heard me correctly. Certainly not a way you want to release a new camera.

The D800 is an impressive camera despite this bit of news, with video features that are stellar. But this may hurt them in the public relations department depending on how big of a stink TSO Photography raises and if the story gains any traction. We will see. Regardless, I think we can all agree that someone made a really bad decision. I would be willing to bet that Nikon fires someone.... Below is the video teaser in question featuring pilfered footage from a 5D2. (Thanks Alex for giving me a heads up on this!)


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