Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rules For The Forums, Facebook & Google+ Groups for PhotoTips

Before You Join...
The following are the guidelines for these groups. Make sure you understand them, because failure to do so may result in banning. We will always give warnings where appropriate, first. 

ADDITIONALLY - All warnings will take place on the wall and in full view of everyone else. We will sugar coat it and be as nice as possible, of course. I believe in being respectful to you. The reason we post your warning on the wall in plain view, instead of privately to you, is quite simply because we cannot send you a private message. Most people have their profiles locked down so that they cannot get a message unless they know you. So if you and the moderator trying to warn you are not friends, then they have no way to notify you privately. A message on the wall is the only way to guarantee that you will see it. Sorry. But like I said, we will be very respectful when and if we do have to remind you of the rules. Additionally, an example of the warning message we hand out is at the bottom the page.

Join the Facebook Group here...
Join the Google+ Group here...
Join the Forums here...
But read the rules below before you do!


Unfortunately here is where I have to put on my "Mr. Cranky Pants" and draw a line in the sand. If you have a problem with any of the rules, or are reading this now only after you were temporarily kicked out for not following the rules, please note that you can just call me at any time. We publish a number on the contact page for a reason. That includes telling me you think my rules are too draconian in nature so you are starting your own group. Just call me for any reason to discuss. You will find I am very easy to talk to. If you think we need to make changes, just let me know.

But here is my number just to make it easy for you. 405-703-0704. 
WARNING: I will not respond to email complaints about the rules from anyone living in North America. You may call me only. I am one that believes in real conversation.

1) - NO BUMPING. Google+ members and Forums members don't have to worry about this one. Only Facebook group members need to worry about this. Intentionally bumping your own post so as to make sure your post stays on top is not allowed. Many people "bump" their post in a variety of ways. Some say thank you to other's likes multiple times. Some wait for a while and then comment on their photo to add more details some time later when they should have said it at the time of the post. Some issue a comment and then immediately delete the comment. No matter how you do it, if your goal is to have your post moved back to the top to gain additionally attention, this is called bumping. Please don't do it. Our mods are smart enough to see through any attempt around this.

2) NO LINKS! - With 2 exceptions, links are simply not allowed. So many people try to spam us, it is impossible to follow everyone's links to confirm which are legit, and which are spam/advertising themselves/advertising a competitor to PhotoTips/advertising a competitor to our sponsors, etc. SO NO LINKS. The only 2 exceptions to this are: 1) Any link going back to this website ( 2) Asking my permission first. If you ask my permission, I will check it out and then I may grant permission.

3) - THERE IS A LIMIT TO HOW MANY PICS POSTED PER DAY. But it is different for each group. FaceBook group people may only post 3 pics per day. No more than that, please. Google+ may post as many as you want BUT ONLY IF YOU PLACE THEM INTO THE SAME ALBUM OR - AND AT THE SAME TIME. You may not go in and add photos to the same gallery in a 24 hour period. And only one album per day. Forum member can post as many as 5 photos per post, and only one post of photos per day. The way each group handles photos was the deciding factor on this. So if you like posting a lot of photos, then Google+ may be the best fit.

4) - DON'T ASK US TO LIKE YOUR PAGE! - We are tired of being hammered by these requests everywhere we go. It will not make you more popular, or increase your sales or booking, anyway. So why even ask?

5) - WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. This is a kid friendly zone. Yes I am aware they will hear kids their own age practice an extensive vocabulary of vile words at school, but I don't run the school. I do run this forum, however. THIS ALSO MEANS NO ABBREVIATED WORDS, OR ACRONYMS. Just because you spelled a word or phrase out using alternative symbols, or just the first letters, does not mean you have somehow exempted yourself from the rules. AND... I have to humbly ask that the language please stay in English. I mean no offense to anyone's nationality, but we would like to all know what you are saying.

6) - TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT. Having an opinion is one thing. Trying make someone look stupid, and you look awesome through a creative use of words, or just simply outright saying someone is stupid or their photo is pointless etc., will not be tolerated. Roaming through the posts with a chip on your shoulder thinking everyone else is just out to argue with you, is the same thing and will not be allowed either. Bottom line is this: Please remember that your typed sentence can be read a totally different way than what you heard in your head. Always try to say what you like about something, before you offer solicited criticism saying what you don't. If they do not ask for an opinion, and you have nothing positive to offer, then it would simply be best to remain silent.

7) - DO NOT EDIT OTHER PEOPLE'S PICTURES UNLESS INVITED TO DO SO BY THE COPYRIGHT OWNER! This is just considered to be rude. Unless the original poster (that should own the copyright to the photo, by the way) asks you to do so, then don't do it. This includes publicly asking their permission. "Hey do you mind if I edit your picture to show you how it's done?" Asking that question where everyone can see it is just as rude as actually doing it. If you really feel that you must ask them, then contact them privately and ask them. Not on the wall.

8) - NO OPINIONS OR STATEMENTS ON POLITICS. Yes I have an opinion. But this forum is about photography. Mainly. For the most part. But it certainly is not about your political opinion.

9) - NO VIDEOS. Just like the NO LINKS rule, we don't know what you really have there unless it has been properly reviewed. We simply don't have time to review them all.

9) - HAVE AN ISSUE WITH SOMETHING I HAVE TALKED ABOUT ON THE SHOW? HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THESE RULES? HAVE AN ISSUE WITH ME, MY MODERATORS, OR ANYONE ELSE ON THIS GROUP? DON'T RANT ABOUT YOUR ISSUES ON THE GROUP WALL. Have enough respect to come to me, my moderators, or any individual directly. I have an email form on the website, and I post a phone number at the bottom of the screen in every issue, and there is a phone number listed on the contact page of this website. Be courteous enough to have an actual conversation with me. Members can be messaged directly by clicking on their name. Ranting on the group page in front of everyone else, means you are just trying to cause trouble. I would not walk into your living room with your friends over and tell you what an idiot you are. Please give me, my moderators, and the fellow members, the same respect. Failure to conform to this will result in instant banning.

10) PLAGIARIZING SOMEONE ELSE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BANNING. This includes re-posting someone else's photo. If it is not yours, don't post it.


12) THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY SITE. No risqué photos. If you have any question on what that is, then contact me or a Moderator and we will explain it. Bottom line is if you would not show it in any church because they might be offended, then don't show it here. This applies to all links as well! Photos of girls in bikinis will always sit in a gray area of determination. You run the risk of having them removed if you post them. So if your photo gets deleted, just know that a moderator made the determination that your photo was not family friendly. Don't get mad or go on a rampage (You would get banned if you do). Just know that posting those kind of pics incur a risk.

14) I MAY REPOST YOUR PHOTO. This group, while listed on Facebook, the forums, or Google+, is an extension of the PhotoTips website ( and podcast. As such, I may periodically spotlight a photo that you post here by uploading it to the front page of the website. You will of course receive attribution and a link back to your website or Facebook profile page were possible. You will then be notified only if you have your Facebook account or Google+ account set up so people that are not your friends may send you a message. If you have that locked down, and do not publicize any other means of contacting you, then of course that will be an impossibility. You may of course request I remove your posting after I have done so, and I will do so immediately. But I figure if you posted it here, you want to show it off, soooo.....

15) THIS IS FOR GOOGLE+ MEMBERS ONLY: Currently there is no way to delete a single comment. We may only delete the entire thread. This means if you were careless and violated the rules while commenting on someone else's post, then we cannot simply delete your comment. We have to delete that other person's post and everyone else's comments at the same time. They are not going to be happy that their post was removed because YOU violated the rules. If that happens, we will ban you. Period. You may of course appeal our decision by contacting me at the number above. I will not respond to an email.


Example Warning Message
The following is the message we send out to warn people. If you think this is written to harshly, and can provide a b etter solution on how to deal with people that have accidentally broke the rules, please let me know using the contact form at the top of this page. Not replying below.

I know it was a complete accident, but you broke one of the rules for this group. Few people ever break one of our rules on purpose, so no one is mad at you.
The rule you broke was (Insert rule here)
Also, we hate to notify you like this one the wall, but unfortunately most people don't get our Private Messages. Usually they have it turned off. If they do have private messages turned on, because we are not friends, then the message gets routed to an "other" inbox that few people see, and fewer even know about. It's a Facebook thing. So please forgive me but this is the only way I have of reaching you. Sorry...
Please take a moment to review all the rules provided at the following link. For any reason, if you have any questions, or are upset over this posting, please call Jimmy directly. He owns this page and wrote this message. We moderators just copy and paste it. (405) 703-0704.


moments in my life ! said...

Just wanted to say I love this group . and the support and help if gives me to keep learning my passion <3

Ashley Rosson said...

I just joined earlier on the Facebook group.. thanks for adding me, and looking forward to learning more, and seeing everyone else's photo's.

Deepakbv said...

i should join this group and promote my photography skill.

Baiju Francis said...

As a beginner I can learn some thing new from this site

Samir Nagvekar said...

would like to join . can take healthy criticism.

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