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Photo-Cruise (June 2013)

What it is: The PhotoTips cruise is a vacation and learning opportunity all rolled into one. It is a 7 day cruise on Carnival jammed pack with fun that focuses on enjoying yourself 6 days, and while the family is enjoying "The Fun Day At Sea" (first day of the cruise), you get to choose from a handful of business workshops to attend. And get this - THE WORKSHOPS ARE TOTALLY FREE! 

When is it? June 4th - 11th  --  So why book your cruise now? To save yourself a ton of money, silly. Placing your down payment now, gets you locked into a low rate. Plus, at any time should they drop the price or run a sale, you get credit back. 

Cruise Itinerary:

6/4/2013Seattle, WA----4:00 PM
6/5/2013Fun Day At Sea (Workshops)--------
6/6/2013Cruise Tracy Arm Fjord--------
6/7/2013Skagway, AK7:00 AM9:00 PM
6/8/2013Juneau, AK7:00 AM3:00 PM
6/9/2013Ketchikan, AK7:00 AM1:00 PM
6/10/2013Victoria, Bc, Canada7:30 PM11:59 PM
6/11/2013Seattle, WA7:00 AM----

Where is it? The Carnival Cruise Ship "Miracle"  sails out of Seattle Washington. 

How much is it: Well that depends on how soon you book, and what sale they are running, along with the room type. But at this writing, you can get a room at the starting price of $779 ea. based on double room occupancy. Just call our personal cruise rep below and get the best deal you can. 

Do I have to pay for it all up front? Nope. Simply place a down payment, and pay it off whenever and however you want. Got $20 to put down on this pay check? You can do that. Want to put down $200 the next pay check? Not a problem. You get total flexibility. Downpayment for this cruise is $350 ea. After that, pay it off however you want.

Is there someone I can call to ask questions before and after I book? Yep. Her name is Gladys. She worked with us on the last cruise and is a joy to work with. I will provide her direct numbers below.

So what workshops will be available? We are focusing on business classes. All, of course, focusing on photography. Ideas to generate more income, and practices for streamlining your business will all be included. By the time we sail, we will be providing a list of workshops for the day. The best part is you just pick the ones you want to go to when you get on board. You will be able to make decisions on which one you want at the very last minute. Cool huh? As we finalize things for the workshops, we will let everyone know via a private email about those details. Best part, THE WORKSHOPS ARE ALL FREE!!! I make nothing off this cruise. I don't even get a discount for bringing all of you with me. I pay the same rate, so that you can get the best deal. That's just how I roll.

What about flight and hotel information? Well you already know the cruise boards and sails on Tuesday the 4th of June. So I advise flying in to Seattle International Airport on Monday. We have a hotel we are recommending listed below. Stay there, and we all stay together. A shuttle agency is listed at the bottom of the page as well. They can handle transport from the airport, to the hotel, and to and from the port. We come back into port on Tuesday at 8AM, so you can choose to fly out that afternoon if you like. 

What about passport requirements, or how many bags I can bring? Ask Gladys when you call, but I can tell you that you will need a passport. Follow this link for how to get one if you don't have one.

OK so how do I book my cruise? Well it's a 2 step process. And make sure you understand this before proceeding.

  1. call 1-800-764-7315 extension 80025. Speak to Gladys and and tell her you are calling about the "PhotoTips Cruise" to Alaska. She will ask what the PRIMARY BOOKING NUMBER IS   --  32NMX6. Get the best deal you can, but I will list some current rates below. Also make sure to link your dining plan to mine. The late 8PM sitting in the main dining room. This will make sure we are all seated at the same set of tables. If she is not there, just hang up and send her an email. She will call you back as soon as she is able. Make sure to give her your phone number ans mention the PhotoTips Cruise. 
  2. Fill out the registration form below. This is VERY important. If you do not fill out the form below, I cannot let you know about the cruise updates, details, and workshops. Nor are you eligible to come to any of the workshops! Workshops are free - But you must fill out the registration form below!! 

Additional Questions:    If you have any questions at all, please just give me a call at (405) 703-0704.

Book travel from Seattle International Airport to hotel or cruise terminal and back: Contact Ace Transportation at 206-387-7000. Rate from airport to hotel is $40 for 2 persons. Rate from hotel to the port is $8 per person. It is the same for your return trip.

Please book your stay at the Best Western listed below, and we will all stay at the same location. Rate is about $199 a night for a single double. But mention the "PhotoTips Cruise", and you get it for $129 for a single and $139 or a double. Additionally, it is within walking distance of the Space Needle. This hotel gets very good reviews numerous places online and sits very close to the ports. (I was thinking of a group picture in front of the Space Needle.)

Best Western Plus Executive Inn
200 Taylor Ave. North
Seattle, WA. 

Carnival Contact Persons:
Gladys: 1-800-764-7315 (ext: 80025) If you have problems, call her ASAP.


JDrake said...

You said that after the deposit you can pay for the balance as long as it takes. Does that mean what? All payment required before sailing? or paying it off over 6 months? My wife and I have always dreamed of going to Alaska via cruise ship. Were both disabled now, with the possibility of ever going slowly cruising away without us. We are both into photography and recently found your web site very informative. As far as getting to Seattle, no problem, we live within 15 miles of Seattle. Never been on a cruise before, are all the meal included? what about gratuity? The different ports that the ship stops at, will there be side trips too? Is there an extra cost for the side trips?

James Beltz said...

JDrake, there is no way to reply to you via a comment so I can only hope that you see this. I can answer all of your questions, but this is best done in real conversation. I suggest clicking the contact option at the top of the screen and calling me.

Kelly Forst said...

I just found out about this cruise (2013-Alaska). The date is too close for me to prepare to join you. Will there be a 2014 and if so, where?

James Beltz said...

Yes Kelly but we do not announce dates until after the most recent one is past. Stay tuned.

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