Saturday, September 22, 2012

PhotoTips Lightroom Presets Vol. 1

Lightroom Presets Vol. 1

Works with every version of Adobe Lightroom

This bundle is what I am calling a combo pack. They are specifically arranged into two sets. One set functions as a toning preset to shift the colors and add a classic vintage or sun kissed feel. The second set functions as a lighting effect to enhance the overall look. You can use each one by itself, or you can combine them together. In addition, the lighting affects can be added to anything else you may already own, or anything you do to the photo in advance. How much can you expect to pay for this one two punch?

How about $39.99
~BUT on sale right now for $20~

Check out the below examples. Feel free to click on any one to see it full screen so you can really scrutinize it. Then click the button below to purchase. We will email you instructions for installation. It is really pretty simple.

This bundle includes...

  • 12 color toning presets
  • 9 Lighting effects
Can be used by themselves, or in combinations of a color toning preset and a lighting effect.

Feel free to add lighting effects to any other editing that you do at the end.

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Watch the video to see how they work
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All examples provided by Hanna Rhymes. Thanks Hannah!

Importing Presets:
 1) Click on “Develop” in the top Right , open the "Preset" panel on the left hand side.
 2) Select the folder to Import your downloaded "preset"
 a) If you don't have, or would like to create, a new Preset Folder press {Ctrl+Shift+N}
 3) Right-Mouse click the highlighted folder and click "Import..."
 4) Browse to the location you downloaded your presets to and open the folder. Highlight and select all of the presets and click "Import" button
Using Presets:
 - In the "Develop" module: select a photo then click on the desired Preset
 - In the "Library" module, Grid View: you can apply any Develop Preset to one OR multiple photos
 a) from the Grid, select the photos to apply the "Develop Preset"
 b) in "Quick Develop" panel, pull down the "Saved Preset" list and click on the desired "Develop Preset"


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