Friday, October 5, 2012

SkyFall Underwater Filming - How it's Done

WARNING: This has very little at all to do with photography.

I am a HUGE James Bond fan. I have seen them all, and love it when the holidays rol around and they decide to run marathons. We have had some great James Bonds, and some classic movies some along, and Daniel Craig and his first two movies can easily be placed into the top of the list.

Well we have a new movie coming. Skyfall. From the trailers we have seen, it looks to be in strong keeping with some of the best James Bond films we have ever had.

In one of the scenes, there is some underwater action. The below video shows you how all of that filming was done. As a visual artist, I found it ranked up pretty high on the "That's Cool" scale. I figure you will too.

below that, you will find a trailer for the movie, and the complete Adele song as she sings the title track. Very good as well....


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