Saturday, December 8, 2012

Photo Challenge - 100 Steps

Current Challenge is Closed

Prizes listed at bottom of page
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For this challenge we steal from Photographer Haje Jan Kamps idea for overcoming Photographers block. It is simple really. Head out with your camera counting each and every step you take. Once you get to 100, stop wherever you are. You cannot move from that spot, but you may crouch, lay down, or rotate in a 360 degree circle. Find one shot. Just one. Take that picture and move on to the next spot counting 100 steps off as you do. Don't cheat. You must walk 100 steps. Not 99 or 101. 100 steps. It is very hard to find a shot when the end of your 100 steps puts you in the middle of a parking lot, etc. But that is part of the fun in the challenge.

*EDIT * For those in a wheel chairs, make it 100 revolutions of your chair wheels.

Yes Photoshopping and editing are allowed. You may also start your 100 Step walk from another location by driving there. It won't make it easier than starting at your front door, but you can certainly do that.

Last date to enter is Dec. 28th.
Your picture must have been shot between 12/7/2012 and 12/28/2012. Nothing prior!


Once your photo is loaded and appears on the page, feel free to tell your story about it's creation in the comment section below your photo.

TIP - It would be best to not post a photo that provides YOU a good feeling inside because the image is of a friend or loved one, or maybe because it reminds you of a really great time you had on vacation. It would be best if you selected your single entry because it uses great composition, great lighting, and is artistic.

To view and vote on the entries, simply choose that option from the drop-down in the NavBar above. (Located under PhotoChallenge)

Read The Rules!!

When you upload your photo, please change your file name to include the title, and your first and last name. ( EXAMPLE: "Morning Glory by Jimmy Beltz" )

1.  MAKE SURE you change the name of the photo prior to uploading, using the format shown above.

2.  YOU MUST LEAVE THE ORIGINAL EXIF DATA INTACT. Modifying the data to look like you took the photo yesterday, when in reality you took it 4 years ago, will result in your photo being removed or not being considered in the final total if we miss it when you first upload it. (Yes we have software that can check that). By the same token, stripping data out of your image will render the same results. EXIF data on all winners is checked before winners are announced.

3.  DO NOT INCLUDE BORDERS. You may edit all you want, but no borders are allowed for the challenge. Creation of borders tend to strip out the EXIF data. This will yield the results listed immediately above.


5.  NO OFFENSIVE PHOTOS. What is an offensive photo? Ones that a mom might not appreciate her child seeing online. Now that might be a bit too vague for you, but if there is any doubt in your mind, don't submit it. Bottom line is, I can remove any image I want to because you are not paying to compete in this challenge. In short, if I see an image that I think is inappropriate to be shown in front of children, I will remove it. If you have a question on this, call me. 

6.  MULTIPLE SUBMISSION. You are NOT allowed to enter multiple submissions. One entry per person only.

7.  USE YOUR OWN WORK. Using someone else's work is called stealing. If we catch you, we will do everything we can to let the original artist know, and remove your entry.

8.  BY ENTERING THIS CHALLENGE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOUR IMAGE MAY APPEAR ON THE PODCAST, OR THIS WEBSITE. IT WILL NOT BE SOLD, AND YOU RETAIN ALL OTHER RIGHTS. However, we may use your entry to promote future challenges, the PhotoTips podcast, and the website.

If you have any questions about these rules, simply use the contact link at the top of the page and give me a call.


Did you change the name of the photo?
Did you read the rules?

Make sure you name your file -BEFORE- you upload. Choose a file name in the following format: "Shadow Falls by George Jones"

Please wait at least 2 minutes after the completion of the upload for your image to appear on the Challenge Entry Gallery. It can take a bit to process and show on the page. So be patient. Don't upload it twice.


It's pretty simply. Hold your mouse over the larger image on the right. You will see a thumbs up or thumbs down option. Pick one. Only you will see your choices. Only I will see everyones. And for the record, I do not count thumbs down choices. So.....




  1. One free 1 year subscription to a Family Unlimited account with Jimmy Drive. What the heck is a Jimmy Drive??? Click here for more info.
  2. One free download from this website. Choose any one item from the Downloads section at the top of every page.
  3. One Free ThinkTank product from "The" ThinkTank company. They provide something new and different every time.


Quite simply, I choose the winners. I choose them based on the intent of following the challenge, and artistic ability. It is not any more complicated than that. Sure there are other ways to do this, but in the end this is my site, my show, and my challenge that I made just for you. To encourage you. To make you grow as a photographer. I am trying to make you better. This is NOT a contest. If it was, then I would take a different approach. This is a challenge from me to you to get off the couch and do something amazing. To make this more fun, I give away prizes.

In the end, I know that not everyone will be happy. But honestly, there is no way to conduct this in a way that everyone "will" be happy. I console myself in the fact that this is as fair as I can make it, and it costs you nothing to participate.

Purchase any Roller Bag and Receive a Free Gift


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