Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guy Purchases 5D3 And Gets Lumber Instead

This is a story of sorrow, deceit  disappointment and intense hot raging anger.

Jalal from JZPhotography ordered a new 5D3 from Dell. After all, he had a line of credit and they price matched. What an upgrade this was going to be for him considering he was currently shooting with a 30D.

When it arrived, he tore into the box only to discover some well packaged wood flooring.... Not even kidding. Wood flooring. A glorified box of lumber.

 He called Dell, showed them pictures, etc. They apologized and rushed out a new package. Bet you can guess what was in it...


Well it is obvious the warehouse has been compromised and probably picked clean. But now Dell refuses to send out another one until they investigate. They did say if he was willing to wait, he would receive a $100 gift card for his trouble. Deciding that he would prefer a new camera and not new flooring, he decided to cancel his order.

via Fstoppers


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