Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Nikon D5200 has Toshiba Sensor?

Nikon just released the D5200 and guess what did? They ripped into the thing like a kid a Christmas. After all, that's what Chipworks does. Guess what they found? The sensor is one made by Toshiba. No one saw that coming.

Nikon has no issues with letting someone else make sensors in their cameras. Their relationship with Sony and Aptina is no secret. No one saw any kind of partnership with Toshiba coming, however. Why? Toshiba has not been doing anything like this in the world of cameras.

Earlier this year, however, Toshiba made the announcement that they were going to be a major player when it came to making memory cards for cameras. In fact they boldly claimed they would have a 30 percent market share by the end of 2013.

Finding this chip in a camera, combined with that statement, tells many that Toshiba has a much bigger goal in mind. 

Hmmm.... Wonder if I should buy stock in Toshiba? After all, it's only at $3.78 a share....

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