Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PhotoTips Actions Vol. 2

Volume 2 works with Photoshop CS and up, to the most current version.
Will not work with Elements.
Only $20!

Included: 20 time saving actions to speed up your workflow and add artistic flair to your images. Including the very requested, and now redesigned "BuhBam!". The one click wonder that can make any image better. Also includes "Baby Doll". A skin smoothing action that drastically speeds up work flow.

* All actions are fully adjustable at the end.
  1. BuhBam! - A one click action that gives an overall boost to the photo. The most requested action by fans on this show. Good for any subject.
  2. Light Switch - Takes an under-exposed image and brightens it without blowing out highlights.
  3. Top Half Smack - Focuses on the top half of a landscape photo to breath life into a drab sky.
  4. Bottom Half Smack - Focuses on the bottom half of a landscape image to make the foreground have a boost of color and clarity. Works great with the Top Half Smack.
  5. Baby Doll - A super fast skin smoothing action that is a must have for every photographer.
  6. Girlie Glow - A glamour action ideal for female subjects.
  7. California - A Quick action that warms a photo with a deep bronzing effect.
  8. Soft Dreams - A soft glamour Action ideal for young or female subjects.
  9. Clarity - A bold actions that enriches the image. Good for all subjects.
  10. Spiced Rum - Soft red tones that add an art feel for both portraits and still life photos.
  11. Cina-Spice - A a retro glamour action.
  12. Summer Sun - A popular warming action perfect for any outdoor scene.
  13. Pink Eye - This action creates soft pink tones with a glowing affect that you can keep or remove at the end. Good for female subjects and babies.
  14. RainbowLiscious - A unique fun action that is great for female subjects, but even works on still life photos for an artsy feel.
  15. Faded Jeans - Offers a cool retro feel for any subject.
  16. Landscape Saturate - A one click wonder that works for any outdoor scene.
  17. Sharpen 1, 2, and Contrast Sharpen - Three great sharpening actions for any photo. These three offer a fit for any situation.
  18. Abstract Vignette - This is a perfect vignette for any occasion. It gently pushes the eye to the middle, accents the edges of the photo, but is so subtle in it's approach that it is not obvious. Enhances any photo no matter the subject.
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Photoshop Actions Instructions:
Once you have downloaded the actions, you will need to open the Actions Palette inside Photoshop.

Hit the F9 key or go to Window>Show Actions to bring the palette forward.
In the upper right hand corner of the palette is a small arrow OR button depending on which version of Photoshop you have. Click this to open the Actions Menu.

Scroll down until you see ‘Load Actions’, find your newly saved actions on your system and select them.

Only thing left to do is to open a photo you want to work on, select the action you want, and press the play button at the bottom of the action palette. Follow any instructions that appear.


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