Monday, February 18, 2013

Hover - You need to do this

On a previous podcast you may have heard mentioned that we have a sponsor that is trying us out. They are called and what they specialize in is something that every photographer needs.

They sell and manage domain names.

Now before you say, "But I already have a domain name." I am going to give you an incentive to let them switch you over. And you'll like it. Keep reading....

You see, up until now, I was sending you to because they have phone support. And being able to talk to a human when you have a question, is a good thing.

Hover has that too. Only better. How could phone support possibly be better? Well for starters the hold time is amazingly quicker. Secondly they never try to sell you on other products. Ever. With Godaddy, I have found that a lot of times the person on the other end can be a bit short with you because you don't understand, and then they want to talk you into products that you don't want or need.

Hover never does that.

Their prices match Godaddy, and you end up being cheaper because their check out screens are not loaded with other things that they are trying to sell you. New people see that stuff and they are uncertain if they need that or not.

Hover never does that.

Their online tools for managing your domain name are a far cry easier than what Godaddy has. With Godaddy, whenever I have needed to change something, I almost always had to call them because I had no clue what I was seeing on the screen.

Hover does this MUCH better.

Well what if you already had a domain name purchased from somewhere else. Well I strongly want you to consider switching. Why? Because not only will they do all the switching for you, and not only will you get to keep your remaining time still remaining on your purchase, but they will also add a whole extra year onto your subscription. So if you just bought a 3 year license from Godaddy, they will turn it into a 4 year subscription for switching.

 Plus all PhotoTips members save an additional 10 percent on every single purchase!

Click any link on this page to make that happen, or simply go to


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