Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Photoshop Actions Vol. 3

Volume 3 works with Photoshop CS and up.
Will not work with Elements.
Only $20!

"The best set of black & white and split tones to be had anywhere at any price..."

20 great black and white and split tone actions that are perfect for any occasion and any photography. Designed to offer adjustability because no one photo is the same.

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  • Baamboo - My absolute favorite of the series that seems to work no matter what photo it is tried on.
  • Adjustable Chocolate - Offers vintage warm classic tones with complete flexibility for adjustments.
  • Adjustable Classic - A classically traditional B&W with complete flexibility for adjustments.
  • Purple Drink - "Sugar, water, and purple." The joke from Dave Chappelle came to mind when I made this action.
  • Old & Gray - No this was not named after me. It was named because it reminds me of those old photos you would find in your Grandmother's attic.
  • Blue & Khaki - Pretty much spells it out in the title. Offers a split tone made from these two colors. Great vintage effect.
  • Pink Pastel - soft pink tones great for photos of girls and babies.
  • Soft Cinnamon - Burnt red tones offers a classic vintage feel.
  • Tealed - Another great action for girls and babies.
  • Hard Selinium - Another great classic black and white action that works any time you try it.
  • Triple Dip - Nice punchy action that is an easy favorite.
  • Rustic - Deep Red tones offer a classic feel.
  • Flat Gray - a vintage feeling B&W.
  • Flatter Gray - Same as above but with a bit more flatter feel in the shadows.
  • Raspberry Cream - Love this action. Produces an overdone look that is designed to be adjusted for the photo at the end.
  • Platinum - Punchy vintage look with a bronzing effect.
  • Soft Honey - Another great vintage look with warm tones.
  • Old Shoe Box - Named because it reminds me of those 100 year old photos you find in a shoe box.
  • Oldified - Another ancient looking and grainy image effect.
  • Holga - Designed to look like it was taken with an old Holga. Grainy, soft corners, and a light leak film effect.

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Photoshop Actions Instructions:

Once you have downloaded the actions, you will need to open the Actions Palette inside Photoshop.

Hit the F9 key or go to Window>Show Actions to bring the palette forward.

In the upper right hand corner of the palette is a small arrow OR button depending on which version of Photoshop you have. Click this to open the Actions Menu.

Scroll down until you see ‘Load Actions’, find your newly saved actions on your system and select them.

Only thing left to do is to open a photo you want to work on, select the action you want, and press the play button at the bottom of the action palette. Follow any instructions that appear.


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