Friday, February 15, 2013

Pro Lightroom Brushes

Professional Lightroom Adjustment Brushes
That blow everyone else away...
For 90% less than what everyone else charges.


Local adjustments are the great hidden capability of Lightroom. They can radically improve your photos and your workflow when used properly. These professional grade brushes are designed to give you the tools to make that happen.

These 16 brushes are used for everything from skin smoothing, teeth whitening, eye enhancing, background improving, and even hair and eyelashes. They work for every version of Lightroom.

Watch the video below to see how an entire photo can be radically transformed using just a few of these brushes.

Here is a before image...

Here is an after photo using only the brushes...

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Need help installing them? Simply watch this video. We walk you through an easy installation.


snuffy said...

I've had a chance to try out your brushes Jimmy & they're outstanding!!
I use the brush for photo retouch but I had been setting it up each time tweaking it...I never saved any of my settings though. Your set has this already done. Great product & time saver..thanks again for everything.

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