Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Bay Bridge Lit Up Like Never Before

Artist Leo Villreal has just completed work on a project that has the Bay Bridge lit up like never before. He has completed an $8,000,000 project that envolved hanging 25,000 LEDs all over the north face of the bridge. The lights then turn on and off, controlled by a special program, to create patterns of dancing light. The below video gives you a sneak peak to a live event that officially launches tonight. (Thanks Brian Drourr)

Click here for the live cast that kicks off at 8:30 PT.


bikejohn said...

Just and FYI, the lights are not on the Golden Gate Bridge. They are on the Bay Bridge. It's a little confusing when you look at the video since there are scenes that include the Golden Gate Bridge.

James Beltz said...

Thanks! Corrected the article.

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