With the show app you have complete access to every single available episode at the tap of a finger.

From anywhere...

The PhotoTips App contains the following features:
  • Streaming access to play episode from anywhere
  • Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog
  • Download the episodes and play them when offline
  • Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other distraction)
  • Favorites (mark the episodes you want to return back to over and over)
  • Email the show right from the app
  • Call the show right from the app
  • Interact from the website right from the app.

Got an iPad? we have you covered. The app is formatted for the larger screen iPad as well.

Price: $1.99 I would give it away for free if I could, but the people that built the app and maintains the app, kind of like to get paid for their efforts. They give me a minimum price I can sell it for by contract. This is as low as I can go. But I can promise that if you like the show, you will love the app.

How to get:

Android users just click this link to download straight from the Amazon Android App store. You can even test drive it right from that page without ever downloading it. Very cool.

Blackberry users simply search your app store for "PhotoTips by BCphoto". You can do this right from your mobile device.

iPhone and iPad simply click the link below...


Anonymous said...

I love the app. Great way to take the show on the road.
Melissa Phillips, Vancleave MS

John Epperson, Yakima, Washington said...

Great app! For the iPhone the pics are a little small but I can always go back and watch on my computer when I have time. I can now keep up with the pod cast easier. Thanks Jimmy!

lipsa herry said...

Well defined!!! Quality content, Great App, Thanks for share...Charleston Mobile App

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