Lighting 101 - Downloadable Class

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How it works:
Lighting 101 picks up where Photography 101 leaves off and is a perfect continuation of that class. The format is identical in that it is a presentation style video narrated by me and you get all the same perks of reaching out to me in person at any time for further clarification if required.

What is included:
  1. Over 3 hours of classes that you download to your computer and own forever.
  2. A complete breakdown on how to see your images differently.
  3. Hands down the fastest way to jump to full manual - and be effective when you do it!
  4. The effectiveness of getting your flash off of your camera.
  5. Migrating from one strobe to many and showing why you want to consider that.

Remember my philosophy of - "Great photography is all about Light, Composition, and Two Dimensional Thinking." We explore exactly what I mean by that ion this series.

Great photos don't happen by accident. Well... Maybe some do... But not normally. This series will show you the fundamentals for making them happen more often by teaching you the understanding to step up to the next level of your photographic potential.

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