Photography 101 - Downloadable Class

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How Does the class work?

1. It is ENTIRELY a video based presentation so that you download watch on your computer.
2. You can email me with questions to help you learn at any time.
3. Each video is short (average 5 minutes each) so you can quickly go back to that one thing you need to review. 
4. Everything is included. There is nothing else needed to buy. I won’t sell you things that should have been included to begin with.
5. There is over 3.5 hours of video tutorials
6. You can even pick up the phone to call you when an email reply just won’t do. Because sometimes an email just can’t help you walk through the problem or answer that question.
7. You can verify that the class can help you by asking questions of any listeners on the Facebook page or anyone on the forums.
8. I even include a few Photoshop Tutorials.

Here is a general overview of what is included:

1. Understanding Exposure and how to obtain a correct one.
2. Understanding shutter speed and how it effects both exposure and composition.
3. Understanding Aperture and how it effects both exposure and composition.
4. A complete breakdown on understanding Depth of Field and how to it applies to enhancing and proving your image.
5. Understanding the 6 primary modes of your camera, the purpose behind them, and how to use each effectively.
6. Understanding AF points and how to employ them for maximum effectiveness. (Your images will be sharper).
7. The 4 different metering modes in your camera and how to use each.
8. ISO. What it is, and how to maximize it's effectiveness without going overboard.
9. Ten different composition techniques, examples of each, and how to use them to make your images better than the next average everyday shooter. Your photos will become better overnight. You can take my word on that. Some of these techniques date back to Da Vinci.
10.   Several Photoshop videos showing techniques that are both comprehensive, yet easy to understand.
11. Practical, but voluntary, homework assignments intended to make you practice what is learned.
12.   And lastly - but more importantly - you get... a private email address to me.

27 Photography videos - 11 Composition videos - 9 Photoshop tutorials

So what are you waiting for?
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