Starting A Photography Biz

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Creating a successful Business...

A sound, well thought out, business plan - no matter the busines you want to own - is essential to being a successful business owner.

In this video series, I lay out my proven plan that has made it possible for me to make a six figure income doing what I love.

There are no gimmicks. There are no tricks. Just common sense business tactics that are taught in business courses and college classrooms across the world, but custom tailored and specially formulated just for Photographers wanting to work from home.

In this series I lay out my business plan, explain how it works, and show you how just taking pictures has made it possible for me to live quite comfortably doing this all from my home.


What’s Included:

1. Three hours of downloadable video content that works just like the podcast does. Just sit back and listen.

2. A step by step explanation on how, with no hard selling, my customer will “up sell” over 90% of the time. Yielding higher profit margins.

3. How spending almost no money on advertising, still gets me more business than I can handle.

4. A complete explanation of Contracts and what should be included. I even give you my contract to use for yourself.

5. An explanation on how to set up what I call the “Virtual Studio”.


My plan saves me money.
My plan provides very flexible hours.
My plan provides a nice living.
My plan works. - Not because I'm a genius.
It works because it makes sense.

And now it works for you

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