For those wanting to snail mail me...
CO / James Beltz
660 NW 19th ST
Moore, OK. 73160

Direct email:

Before you send the me an email, please consider the following:

  1. I hate typing because I am a 2 finger typist. I am both insanely impatient because of this, and receive over 100 email per day. I will respond, but the response will be as short as I can make it. THIS CAN OFTEN BE MISINTERPRETED AS ME BEING RUDE AND UNCARING!
  2. I built my business on relationships. Relationships don't happen via email, text message, or Facebook comments. No matter how today's society seems to embrace this sort of communication. Try calling me. You might be surprised. (Insert smiley face here)
  3. Many of the questions I get asked often require going back and forth to finally be able to help you out. I.E. "Conversation". If you call me, we can get this done soooo much quicker.
  4. If you have seen the show, you know it is possible I could read your question or comment on air. I do this frequently.

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